The latest technology in brow embroidery from the Korea. Mist technique! No Blood, no scab, no ugly peeling progress. Totally natural looking immediately result like apply eyebrow powder. Can wash with water immediately. Color pigment imported from Korea. Natural and safe ingredients. Color won't change to reddish or grayish after faded. 

* Correct flawed or lopsided eyebrows 

* Shape brows that are not to your liking

* Make absent or hairless brow areas appear to have hair

* Accentuate the eyes and face

* Puts an end to having to draw on eyebrows each day

* Sleep and work and swim and awaken or come out of the water 
   with perfect brows

Services Provide:

Korea Style Eyebrow Embroidery, Eyeliner Embroidery & Crystal Lip Embroidery

Eyebrow Tattoo & Embroidery Specialist & Aesthetician

There's 2 types of eyebrow embroidery. The conventional type is tattoo the whole brow, the latest type is tattoo hair by hair-by handcraft skill.(Korea style eyebrow embroidery)

It is important for you to select your technician or beauty specialist with care because the affects of permanent eyebrow tattoos are exactly that – permanent!

Make sure that your technician or beauty specialist is trained in their craft and have at least 40 hours or practice - more if possible.
Korea style eyebrow embroidery actually is a difficult and time-consuming job,you have to take into consideration that they can really do a good job for you or they just treat you as a no turning back customer only.
The technician of Korean style eyebrow embroidery needs to have patience and responsibility as well as good skill.




Korea style embroidery technique

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